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  • COVID-19 and Our Community

    Mar 17th 2020

    COVID-19 and Our Community

    Greetings,We have been closely monitoring the current COVID-19 scenario in our city. This morning, i…

  • Winter Nymph Fishing

    Feb 15th 2019

    Winter Nymph Fishing

    Winter is a time many of us put fishing on the back burner. It’s cold, there are flies to be tie…

  • Fly Tying Classes

    Feb 11th 2019

    Fly Tying Classes

    Fly Tying Classes January 7, 2019 Fly Tying 101 classes at The Ston…

  • Fly Fishing Film Tour

    Jan 7th 2019

    Fly Fishing Film Tour

    On Saturday, February 9, the Fly Fishing Film Tour once again returns to Butte, America! Presh…